Fit Doggie and Me

Our Story
As a personal trainer I have spent the last few years listening to clients and potential clients alike give me excuses about how they don’t have enough time to exercise. Repeatedly, the reason wasn’t working long hours or family obligations, instead many were saying they had trouble finding the time to fit in a workout AND walk the dog. I might have let that excuse slide once or twice, but as I kept hearing it time and time again, a question began to take shape: Why couldn’t they work out WITH their dog?

I pondered this question quite a bit over the next few years, often discussing it with other trainers, dog trainers, veterinarians, nutritionists, clients, and friends. What if I designed a workout program for people AND their dogs, so that they could work out together? Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Would anyone be interested if I created one? And so Fit Doggie and Me® was born – a workout program for people to do WITH their dogs, so that both would be getting in their exercise as well as valuable bonding and play time.

Proof of concept came in late summer of 2013 when I asked several of my clients and their dogs to join me outside in a field next to the dog park in Arlington, MA. We had me for the fitness, a dog trainer for tips and guidance, a photographer for documentation, and several warm and sunny weekend mornings to run through a series of exercises I knew would be good for the people. What we needed to test was how the dogs took to the exercises and what modifications might be necessary.

Fit Doggie and Me
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